Rod Spears

Mobile Developer - Software Architect

Professional Technologist and Software Engineer/Architect committed to delivering world class software.


  • University KansasApril 2019 - Present


    • Currently working on Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) apps for the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life NSF grant. The apps are electronic field guides that will also include fossil identification using Google’s Vision AutoML product.

  • Retail Success Oct 2018 - April 2019

    iOS Team Lead

    • Successfully added realtime live video and chat, first phase of social media features

    • Lead iOS developer for e-commerce clothing retailer app

    • Implemented client-side OAuth for secure API authentication and authorization

  • Berkley Medical Management SolutionsJune 2018 - Oct 2018


    • Successfully completed a short term pilot project for a realtime video, audio, and chat iOS app for insurance case management with backend services integration

  • Vertigo Media, Inc.Oct 2015 - June 2018

    iOS Team Lead

    • iOS team lead for social media music app.

    • Manages local and remote engineers.

    • Lead on all client architectural and design decisions.

    • Lead developer for custom integration of WebRTC into client app.

    • Works closely with middleware and back developers.

    • Created WatchOS extension in Swift.

    • Mentors junior developers and crafts internal develop processes.

    • Actively consumes books and articles on Software Development techniques and trends.

  • Shoutz, Inc.Mar 2015 - Oct 2015

    Mobile Team Lead iOS

    • Lead architect for iOS, Android FrontFlip and LotteryHUB apps.

    • Lead developer for iOS applications, created WatchApp for FrontFlip.

    • Manage local and remote developers for all mobile clients.

  • Mobile ConsultantApril 2014 - Present

    iOS Consultant

    • Currently developing iPad and iPhone apps that are self contained as well as apps that interact with a cloud backend.

    • Conceptualized several iOS apps and worked with client to develop Software Requirement Specifications, then architected, designed, implemented and submitted them to the app store.

    iOS Consultant at Cerner on the ‘Orders Team’

    • Contributed to a large medical app (Powerchart Touch), as part of a team using JIRA, Crucible, and GIT.

    • Solved defects, added enhancements, and lead the transition from iOS 7 to iOS 8.

  • Intouch SolutionsApril 2013 - April 2014

    Senior iOS Developer

    • Responsible for application development from design/architecture to App Store submission. Worked with Business Analysts to improve app usability.

    • Developed highly graphical and interactive iPad-based applications for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

    • Developed an app that read data from an external glucose meter and was integrated with iOS Address Book and Text Messaging api.

  • University of KansasJanuary 2003 - April 2013

    Mobile App Development

    • Developed an Android app for specimen data collection in the field which integrates GPS mapping, and SQLite.

    • Created SpecifyInsight, an iOS app for exploring collection data on an iPad. The specimen data is optimized and compressed from MySQL to SQLite and downloaded via HTTP. SpecifyInsight enables the mobilization of data so it can be taken into the field out of range of network connectivity.

    • Developed LMSearch (LifeMapper Search) for the iPad to enable the exploration and mapping of GBIF data.

    Cyberinfrastructure and Thick Client Software Development

    • Team Lead and Project Architect for a large client server application written in Java and shipped on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

    • The client app worked much like MS-Access that enabled a high degree of customization and configuration.

    • Used many contemporary software patterns to enable software componentization and reuse.

    • Integrated JSON-based RESTful web services

  • Netscape/ AOL / Time WarnerJune 1997 – July 2003

    Mobile App Development

    • Implemented the Printing sub-system for the Gecko layout engine.

    • Co-authored the Windows toolkit enabling the browser to run on Windows.

    • Proficient in many diverse areas of the code base – including the mail front end, spell check, embedded components, image library, XUL, JavaScript, and HTML forms.

    • Worked on advanced technology written completely in Java.

    • Designed and implemented the graphical user interface for the Java-based mail tool.

  • DigitalStyle (Purchased by Netscape)December 1996 - June 1997

    • Developed an end-user Graphics Tool written in Java for designing SVG components.

    • Specialized in Graphical User Interface and User Experience.

    • Created an entire GUI toolkit for enabling a “pluggable look & feel” which pre-dated Sun’s JFC.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Iowa State University, Ames Iowa


  • iOS

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

  • Objective-C

  • Java

  • Android

  • RESTful

  • Xcode

  • JSON

  • XML

  • SQL

  • Eclipse

  • JavaScript

  • OOA&D

  • Hibernate

  • Lucene

  • C++

  • C

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • CSS

Mobile Apps

  • Vertigo

  • Front Flip

  • LotteryHUB

  • Digital Atlas

  • SpecifyInsight


  • Problem Solver

  • Quick Learner

  • Communicator

  • Architect

  • Mentor

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  • World's best open source browser
    Principle Engineer - Printing, Form Controls, Windows SDK

  • Natural History Collection Management System
    Architect, Lead Engineer

  • Digital Atlas of Ancient Life - Mobile App
    iOS Developer

  • Vertigo - Sharing Life Through Music Mobile App
    Lead iOS Developer / Architect

  • Powerchart Touch - Cerner Corp. Mobile App
    iOS Developer - Consultant

  • frontflip - Loyalty App Mobile App
    Mobile Team Lead

  • LotteryHUB - Lottery Results App Mobile App
    Mobile Team Lead

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